Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is One Brave Idea?

This is a unique opportunity for a visionary leader to create and lead an interdisciplinary team of the world’s best and brightest with a focus on ending coronary heart disease.

The American Heart Association (AHA), Verily Life Sciences (formerly Google Life Sciences) and AstraZeneca are embarking on a transformative research collaboration with a collective investment of $75 million over at least five years. Through this new research enterprise, we seek to uncover the drivers of coronary heart disease with an inclusive focus on causative factors and consequences.

2. How is this different than other large prizes or awards?

To encourage big-picture thinking, we devised a different research model that will give a specialized team the stability and certainty to commit to at least five years of well-funded research. They will also have substantial resources made available to them by AHA, Verily and AstraZeneca throughout the life of the research enterprise. We want to open the door to rethink the problem, and therefore the solutions. We also hope the selected leader and his or her team will find creative ways to use the unique technical capabilities, data analysis and machine learning resources that will be available through this collaboration.

3. How do I apply?

Individuals should submit their ideas online at no later than 11:59p CT on February 14, 2016 by completing the online submission form.

4. Where do I apply?

Apply at Only submissions received through the will be considered. Individuals or teams must submit their ideas in a brief online form by February 14, 2016, by visiting

5. Is there a cost to apply?

No. Individuals can submit their ideas free of charge at

6. Who is eligible to apply?

ONE BRAVE IDEA is open to everyone, regardless of age, professional background, experience or country of residence, to the greatest extent permitted by applicable laws.

With a focus on funding an idea– with a leader potentially from a non-traditional scientific area – we open the door to rethink the problem and therefore the solutions.

Maybe experts from thermodynamics, mathematics or physics will be able to help us drive toward preventing or reversing coronary heart disease. We don’t know; but we want to find out. All submitters must agree to the submission rules in order to apply.

7. Can I apply if I don’t already have cross-functional team assembled?

Yes. The Joint Leadership Group will work closely with the selected leader with the best brave idea to help recruit additional talent and resources needed to round out the research team.

8. Can I submit more than one idea?

Yes. Individuals may submit up to three distinct ideas.

9. I saw the chance to add more personal information beyond my research idea. Does sharing more information help my chances of getting selected?

No. Providing additional information on the site – beyond the completed submission form – does not have an impact on selection.

10. How will submissions be evaluated?

Each and every submission that meets the February 14th due date will be evaluated and reviewed. Additional follow up questions and information may be requested of some submitters and face-to-face interviews may take place for the selected finalists. The Joint Leadership Group expects to announce the leader and their brave idea in Summer 2016.